Ali Bodycoat

Ali Bodycoat



Ali Bodycoat has a vocal performance history that is deeply rooted in the West Australian jazz and music scene. She has been a Perth mainstay for over 25 years, holding a 17 year residency with the Ali Bodycoat Trio and performing for 13 years of regular listings at The Ellington Jazz Club with her Quartet, and under multiple collaborations.

Ali has performed regularly at the Perth International Jazz Festival, Perth Festival, Fringe Festival, with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Perth Symphony Orchestra, and other festivals throughout the State.

Ali’s has created, co-created, written and performed in multiple award winning shows such as Minor Major Marlene, From Bodycoat to Barbra, Over the Rainbow and Bringing Back Bacharach.

Ali is also an experienced facilitator and MC and features in all prominent live venues in Western Australia, working with the top echelon of musicians in Perth, creating a plethora of gigs that highlight her deepest adoration for all genres of music, with a dedication to support live music performance in Western Australia and beyond.

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